Mediterranean Beaches

Turkey’s Turquoise Paradise

The Turquoise coast is Turkey’s holidaying hotspot where wonderful Mediterranean weather meets Roman and Lycian historic culture. Olu Deniz is an incredible beach holiday location where you can enjoy all attractive qualities of the Mediterranean. The Montana Pine Resort is one of the area’s most desirable hotels, located in amongst pine trees on the hillside of Mount Babadag away from the bustling town.

Turkey is a great place to visit as it offers all the attractive qualities of a holiday paradise without the high prices. The Olu Deniz bay is stunning, known for being one of Turkey’s loveliest beaches and has been voted one of the top 5 beaches in the world! This beautiful blue lagoon has crystal clear waters and a calm atmosphere, ideal for swimming and watersports. The main beach is situated next to an appealing promenade that is lined with shops and restaurants. If you like your holiday to be based by the beach, then Olu Deniz will have everything you need.

Kidrak beach

Kidrak, also known as the Paradise Beach, is 2km away from Oludeniz and can be reached in a half hour walk. This beach is more secluded than the main promenade and is perfect for a couple looking to spend a quiet day away from the crowds.

Montana Pine Resort

The beautiful mountain setting of the Montana Pine Resort makes it a perfectly idyllic setting for a holiday. There are panoramic views over the Mediterranean Sea and its peaceful location away from the centre of Olu Deniz means you can enjoy some seclusion when you’re not basking on the beach. The hotel even has its own Turkish bath and steam room where visitors can feel truly pampered. To make sure you secure a great deal, book your stay through Jet2Holidays.

Whether you’re looking for a resort-based holiday where you can relax in comfort or want to explore all that the Turquoise coast has to offer, Olu Deniz is great place to stay. If you decide to venture a little further afield, the town of Fethiye is a modest trading port and fishing village that has developed into a vibrant tourist destination. Located around 15km north of Olu Deniz, Fethiye offers an incredible day trip known as the 12-island boat trip. This takes you around the beautiful waters of Fethiye Bay with plenty of swimming and snorkelling stops!