Mediterranean Beaches

Greek Island Cruises

The Greek islands is one of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world and anyone going to Europe would be nuts to miss out seeing these incredible natural wonders. For one thing, the Greek islands offer great summer weather at all times of the year, not to mention all the other things to see and do so and Greek island cruises are a top-notch way to see this region.

There are over 6000 Greek islands, but only a few of them are tourist destinations. Actually only 227 are inhabited. Following is information on 6 of the most popular islands to visit on any of the Greek island cruises.

1. Corfu is an island that has millions of tourists visiting there each year. It is west of Greece, and one of the very first tourist spots in the Greek islands. You will find some of the most stunning beaches in the Greek islands on Corfu and a super vibrant nightlife. A super vacation spot for travelers of all ages, the north west and north Corfu have incredible beaches with long expanses of sand to relax on.

2. Crete is the largest Greek island geographically and another very popular destination for tourists. A popular cruise ship port, Crete is fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and a must-visit for any of the Greek island cruises. Heraklion is the capital and largest city on the island of Crete. Over 2 million vacationers come to Crete every year, with most of them coming through the capital. Here you’ll find a deep rich history against the backdrop of magnificent mountains and like most Greek islands, has an amazing night life plus luxurious beaches.

3. Zante, also known as Zaknythos, is the island at the furthest south of the chain of Ionian holiday islands that go along the coast of western Greece. It is a typical Greek island with a great laid-back atmosphere and beautiful beaches. This island has rough cliffs, wild hills, sweeping expanses of sands and fertile plains. If you travel around and avoid the usual holiday resorts, you can travel through amazing rugged country and quiet fishing villages. Definitely worth checking out.

4. Just off the coast of Turkey is an island in the center of the Dodecanese chain called Kos. This is a very popular destination with tourists from Britain, especially its south and east coast. This island, 45kms long, is mostly very flat, consisting of flat plains and has beautiful beaches. Because it is so flat, cycling is a great way to see Kos, with the entire island accessible by bicycle.

5. The biggest of the Dodecanese islands is Rhodes, population wise and geographically and another great place to go on any of the Greek island cruises. In the capital of Rhodes lives half the population of the island. The island has 300 glorious days of sunshine per year, so anticipate wonderful weather if you go to Rhodes. You can find packaged tourism through such resorts as Faliraki, coupled with a terrific nightlife.

6. A Greek island less prominent but still a stunning place to go and popular with the cruise lines is Santorini. An active volcano made this island and there are still volcanic plumes from the volcano offshore. Santorini sunsets are fantastic and world renowned. The island also features numerous hostels and scores of travelers take advantage of the opportunity this offers, with many bargains to be found.

Greek island cruises offer the chance to see some magical places and have a super vacation and there are many options to suit all types of budget and preference.