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Travel Insurance Claim Got Rejected – Make Sure The Next One Doesn’t!

Travel insurance is something that we recommend all of the time, but if you’re leery of getting into this type of insurance cover, there might be a reason: too many horror stories of claims getting rejected. The world of insurance is there to protect us. We want to always make sure that we can focus on tending to our holiday, enjoying each and every moment. But when things happen, you have to get them done. When there are challenges, you have to find solutions. When there’s issues to be dealt with, you need to learn how to flow around them and keep reaching for something better.

So, what can you really do to make sure that your travel insurance claim isn’t rejected the next time you file? Here’s the scoop!

First and foremost, you want to watch your drinking. If you are under the influence of alcohol or any other drug at the time of an incident, your claim could be rejected. How will they know? They will ask for an accurate recounting of what happened. If you have injuries that could have only resulted from lack of judgment due to intoxication, your claim will be rejected immediately.

You also want to take care of any valuables — if you just hide items and people find them to steal them anyway, you aren’t going to get a lot of sympathy from your travel insurance carrier. They will expect you to use the safe. Now, if someone breaks into the safe and takes your valuables, that’s a whole different story.

If you are filing a claim for theft, you always want to get a police report. Make sure that you get it as soon as possible so the details of the crime will be carefully documented. The more time that you wait between filing police reports, the less likely it is that you’re honestly going to recall all of the information as it happened. The human memory just doesn’t tend to hold onto information for very long.

The fine print is really what’s going to make or break your policy. It’s tempting to think that your insurer will just have mercy on you, but that’s really not a smart assumption to make. It would be better to think instead of how to avoid being rejected and just provide as much documentation as you can.

Be sure that you never give originals — photocopies of everything is the safer way to get things done. Take care of yourself!