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Manarola – The Colorful Italian Town

Manarola is one of the places that you can hardly believe that it exists because of its unrealistically beautiful and amazing landscape. This place is far from the noise and madness of the big city. It has its own unique characteristics and it’s made of harmony and balance between nature and man.

This Italian town is really a masterpiece which you have to see if you want to understand the full meaning of love, calmness and happiness.

Manarola is located in Cinque Terre area in northwestern Italy. The first thing that will amaze you is that it is built on a huge rock, rising over the beach and the small town easily creates a feeling that this is another world far away from any civilization and problems. There are not many words that can be used for the description of the incredible panoramic view of Manarola.

Therefore, you just have to go there and see everything with your own eyes rather to look at some lovely photos. On the steep cliffs are scattered pastel houses, but not with modern and sleek facades. They have an authentic look that is so characteristic of old Italian architecture and you will be able to feel the past pretty easy even after several hours spent in Manarola.

All buildings are bright and colorful and the combination between their beauty and the fantastic natural landscapes will inspire you for new achievements and willingness for success. The area around the village is especially suitable for growing grapes and producing high quality wine. During the early Middle Ages was developed the production of wine and you will have many chances to enjoy the wonderful smell and taste of this so popular drink in some of the local restaurants.

In the recent years Manarola became a popular tourist destination during the summer months and don’t be surprised if you meet many tourists who are watching with fascination and don’t stop taking pictures. The global popularity of the town is rising and sometimes it is hard to find a room in some of the local hotels. Some of the attractions are the ancient church of San Lorenzo, dating from 1338, the picturesque trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore, known as the path of love, and hiking trails passing over hills and vineyards above the town. If you are huge fan of the nature then you will have pleasant and relaxing time for sure. The fresh air and the numerous lovely views will definitely reload you with more energy and mental strength for sure.

You can reach Manarola by car or by train from the city of La Spezia, passing high above the rocks and headed to the five towns of Cinque Terre. The trip will be pretty wonderful without any doubt, but just save your compliments until your arrival in Manarola. The friendly Italian spirit and atmosphere of the town will remain in your soul forever.