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Nudity at the Greek Island Beaches – What You Need to Know

Is there really anything like being able to sunbathe without clothing? Not really — it’s a pastime of beachgoers young and old alike. Yes, that’s right — even the young at heart love to strip down and hit the beach. However, you need to figure out whether or not you can follow suit.

Not every area will allow fully nude sunbathing, but many beaches do allow topless sunbathing just fine. It’s considered pretty natural, and if you’re comfortable with strangers seeing you without a swim top, then you’re welcome to join in. Men are naturally allowed to be shirtless no matter what, so it’s a moot point.

Going topless can be done just about everywhere on the Greek Isles. It’s the nudity part that gets a little tricky. You can do it on Little Banana beach on the island of Skiathos, on Super Paradise as well as Panormas beaches in Mykonos, and Plaka on the island of Naxos.

If you really want to add some fun to your island routine, you don’t even have to stay on just one island unless you really want to. There are a few different island chains in Greece, and it’s important to know them if you’re going to start island hopping.

You have the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades, and the Sporades. If you stay within your own island chain, you can get around a lot faster. It’s not required — many people hop from one island chain to the next, but it’s going to be much longer trip.

We think that if you’re going to plan a beach holiday and you want to shed your clothes, you need to at least do some checking. Don’t just take our word for it — there are plenty of travel forums online where people have actually gone to this area and shared their experiences. You always want to collect as much information before you make any decisions. You’re not going to be on your own home turf anymore, so the more you try to respect the local policies, the better off you will be.

A week filled with beach adventures, sunbathing and everything else in between is a great week in any language — why not book your own trip today? You’ll definitely be glad that you did!