Mediterranean Beaches

Santorini Provides the Island Paradise You’re Looking For!

Interested in dramatic views, black pebble beaches, and even an active volcano? Surprise! You couldn’t pick a better destination than the island of Santorini. This Greek Isle is famous for those stunning views that have been used in a number of films, as well as amazing beaches. There are black pebble beaches, white beaches, and even a red beach — thanks to the volcanic nature of the island.

Ready to check it out with us? No problem!

To get around the island, you’re going to want to make sure that you check out the public transit system. This would be the public bus service, which is actually very inexpensive. You can also rent a car. If you rent a car you need to make sure that you have an international driving permit. Even though the local car rental agencies won’t require it of you, it can make it harder to get insurance coverage or have the insurance that you purchase “stick” in case of an accident.

The road conditions in Santorini are going to be hit or miss — tourists from all over the world come to Santorini, which means that they are bringing their driving customs with them. Keep that in mind.

Well, let’s talk about all of those lovely sights! As mentioned before, the island is gorgeous and a sight to behold no matter where you are from. You can take boat excursions to other islands around Santorini — such as Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni. These are a volcanic island as well as a hot springs respectively.

There are also the beaches to check out. For the black beach, you’re going to want to hit Kamari and Perissa, two towns where the beach is gorgeous black pebbles.

Akrotiri is where the red beach is, and it can get quite crowded. The sand gets its red color from the iron-rich cliff faces around the area.  You can also snorkel as well as swim in the water.

Topless sunbathing is the order of the day here as well — so be warned ahead of time! 🙂

There are museums as well as small art galleries to see if you really want a good sense of checking out the history and fine arts scene of the island. Fira and Oia are two villages that have plenty of architecture for you to see, if you’re into that type of thing.

Looking for cool stuff to eat during your stay in Santorini? Check out the white eggplant as well as a specialty of tomato keftedes — this is whole slices of tomatoes fried in batter. Dolmades are stuffed vine leaves.

If you’re on a budget, gyros — real gyros! — are available all over the island. Internet junkies can get their fix in Internet cafes in Kamari, Perissa, and Thira.

Overall, we think that the stunning scenery is more than enough to make you want to go to Santorini. It’s truly an experience that deserves to be enjoyed at least once!