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Cyprus: Mediterranean Cuisine Not To Miss Out On!

The Island of Cyprus is gifted with extensive cuisines that are rich in ingredients, highly delicious and extremely nutritious. Most Cypriot dishes comprise of spiced up traditional Greek foods, as well as contemporary and classic ingredients, and whether you’re walking the streets or sitting down in a restaurant, the iconic smell of Cypriot cooking can be found all over the island.

Like many other inhabitants of the Mediterranean Islands, Cypriots are known to be stout food lovers with a variety of lip-smacking dishes. The foods here are enhanced with cooking aromas that include coriander, parsley, pepper, and cumin seeds, and a Cypriot conversation hardly passes without eating or drinking – or at least talking about it! If you’re thinking about visiting Cyprus this year, here’s come of the top traditional foods and dishes that you simply must try!


MoussakaMoussaka is a common Cypriot cuisine that originated from Greece. Cooked from an eggplant and potatoes mixed with minced meat, Moussaka is certainly one of the must-try Cypriot delicacies. A creamy Béchamel, sauce baked to golden perfection, is topped on the Moussaka to enhance the already delicious flavour, and the most recent varients of Moussaka include potatoes and other vegetables combined up to form one of the most hearty and fulfilling Mediterranean dishes.


shieftaliaSheftalia is another popular traditional Cypriot food, and for the most part it is a type of Sausage without skin, using caul fat to wrap up the ingredients. The contents are then grilled to perfection on charcoal until golden brown, and can be eaten with Pita bread, cheese, or pie. In order to enhance the flavor, Sheftalia is often mixed with finely chopped parsley and tomatoes, and this dish should not be confused by a variation of Sheftalia that is made from pork marinated with coriander, known as Afelia. Sheftalia is sold in Kebab restaurants all over Cyprus at relatively low prices!


HalloumiThis is another wonderful Cypriot food that is commonly throughout the Mediterranean, as well as the rest of the world! halloumi is a special cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep’s milk, that is fried and allowed to cool. This cheese, always an off-white or yellow colour, has a salty taste and can be served with vegetables or as an ingredient in salads. In Cyprus, Halloumi is usually eaten with watermelons to re-energise the body, and the majority of Cypriots still produce their own halloumi.


BaklavaBaklava is a Cypriot dessert made from puff pastry, filled with nuts and usually soaked in honey syrup. Rated as one of the most delicious Cypriot treats to snack on, Baklava is mostly served in cupcake papers, with its origins stemming from Greece. Probably not the greatest option for healthy travelers, but if a vacation is your opportunity to indulge a littlethen you can compare flights to Cyprus here. It is clear that the Cypriots adopted much of their modern cuisines from the Greeks, and the tasty and nutritious Baklava is usually served as a main course.