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From Beach to Adventure, Stay Safety Conscious on Holiday

Whether you’re heading to a nearby coastal city for a weekend beach getaway or you’re off to another continent in search of adventure and volunteerism, travelling can be a tricky venture. Make sure you can enjoy your vacation whilst staying secure with these holiday safety reminders.

Keep your money on lockdown. This is one of the most essential rules of holiday safety: keep your money in safe places at all times. Make sure to never put cash or credit cards in your back pocket or where an over-the-shoulder bag tossed to the back. In addition, you may want to consider taking more than one credit card, leaving one in your hotel safe and carrying one on your person so that you never lose both simultaneously. And before embarking on your holiday, call your bank so that they can put a note on your account about possible foreign charges and contact you if they spot any suspicious account activity.

Know the rules of adventure tourism. If you are in search of an adrenaline rush while you’re on holiday, you may be drawn to the excitement of adventure tours such as white water rafting, zip lining or horseback riding. Remember to read the liability rules before you sign an agreement to take part in such activities. And you should also be aware that if you do, your travel insurance may not adhere to policies for accident compensation abroad in relation to adventure-seeking activities.

weekend beach getawayStay in contact. You may be embarking on a trip abroad with some of your favourite people, but make sure to leave contact information for your loved ones at home. Phone numbers for the hotels where you’ll be staying are essential, as is information about flight numbers or train stations where you’ll be boarding and disembarking. Because many travellers who go abroad don’t have access to a cell phone, these places could be your only point of contact with your family and friends while you’re away.

Don’t give yourself away. One of the biggest ways to attract danger on holiday is simply by looking like a tourist. Carrying a large professional camera, wearing designer clothing and jewelry with conspicuous name branding and speaking loudly in English are all dead giveaways that you are a traveller who more than likely is carrying a fair amount of cash. Try to blend in by dressing similarly to the locals in your destination and presenting yourself conservatively. Learning a few key phrases in the native language can also help.

Don’t forget about home while you’re away. You’re excited to embark on an adventure, but don’t forget that you’re not the only one vulnerable to crime. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to watch your home while you’re gone, and remember to put a stop on your mail to prevent would-be identity thieves from lifting your personal information. You’ll also want to unplug all electrical appliances and gas lines just in case.