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Step Onto the Island for Naxos for Another Look at Amazing Scenic Views!

Are you looking for yet another attractive Greek Island? You’ve come to the right place! If you thought that we really didn’t have anything else to show you then you’re definitely mistaken. There’s still plenty to check out, and you will find that in the island of Naxos. This is one of the nicest islands when it comes to the Cyclades, and it’s also one of the largest in the group. You’re going to find plenty of fun in the sun, in more ways than one!

What do we mean by that? Well, you’re just going to have to read on, aren’t you?

One of the things that makes Naxos interesting is that it doesn’t rely on just tourism. This is because the soil is very fertile and a lot of different crops can actually be grown here. That’s a lot different than say, Santorini or Zante.

If you want to get around the island, you’re going to make sure that you just walk. Yes, there are rental agencies but many travelers have found that these outfits do a lot more harm than good. They tend to be aware of every scratch and dent that could possible happen, which tends to cause a lot of hassles in the future. Within the towns that you visit, walking around is actually a lot easier than trying to maneuver a scooter or a motorbike or even a full sized car around. There are some bus services available, but time moves a bit slower here and things tend to be a bit more unreliable than you might expect.

So, what can you honestly do here? Quite a bit — you can always sunbathe, since that’s a pretty popular activity. But if you want to do more than that, there’s always taking in all of the sights around you. There are numerous photographic moments to be had on the island, and you will be sure to find plenty of adventure waiting for you on the island. It’s a matter of making sure that you know exactly what you want to do. For example, there’s active sports offered around the island for people want to hike, play a few sports, and otherwise stay active. If you’re on foot, you’ll find that there are plenty of trails to visit, and even some ancient ruins to explore.

When it comes to food, you will get spoiled when you see all of the options for food. Fresh feta, fresh tomatoes, amazing olive oils…whatever you want, you can definitely find it here.

There’s an interesting organic shop on the island that sells a lot of organic food and exclusively biological products. Check it out while you’re on the island — you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re trying to keep your costs down on your Greek Island adventure, you will find it easier to rent a house or stay at a place that includes a kitchenette in all of the rooms.

There are plenty of local supermarkets that will let you shop around and get fresh foods so that you aren’t having to go out to eat all of the time.

If you’re planning on going to any of the Greek Islands, we think the island of Naxos definitely offers something for everyone.

And yes, to answer the question — you can sunbathe in the nude here. The beaches that form the southern half of the island are perfect for this, since there are little peaks that block access from the road. So it means that you’re semi covered up. Still, you’ll find nude or semi-nude sunbathing almost all over the island. Make sure that you know what you want to do before you get here, because you just might be in for a few surprises!