Mediterranean Beaches

A Fast List of Topless Mediterranean Beaches

Topless sunbathing is making a big comeback this travel season, for a lot of good reasons. People are starting to feel more and more relaxed about the human body. We’re all for breaking down old stereotypes of how life should be, of course. If you feel like you want to get in touch with your most natural side, then topless sunbathing on vacation is definitely for you.

You’ll find that nudity isn’t a big deal in many travel locales, but you still want to look them up before you feel you have a license to “go bare”. Even if you’re a little shy, you’ll find that just about everybody gets into topless sunbathing or even full nudity. There’s a wide range of shape sand sizes out there, with plenty of people to look after you. Life can really be relaxing out here, so you might as well check it out eventually.

If you’re going to really enjoy this type of travel, you want to go into the “high season” — really anything after May. This is when you’ll get a lot of great travel deals, meet new people and be able to be assured that all of the hotels and restaurants are going to be open for business. Trying to catch off peak travel is a little risky, because you could find that the hotels you really wanted to stay at just aren’t going to be accepting you anytime soon — the owners close up and go enjoy more time with their families.

If you’re going to indulge, make sure that you indulge smart. Give yourself only as much sunshine as you can handle. You don’t want to get sunburned! Packing towels, sunscreen, water and more are just par for the course.

All that aside, let’s bring on the list!

1. Playa d’En Bossa (Spain)

Playa d'En BossaDidn’t think that Spain would be open to nudity? Think again! Playa d’En Bossa is actually Spain’s longest beach. You can find plenty of activity on the beach, but also plenty of peace and quiet if that’s what you feel that you need. Nudism, believe it or not, is considered a “right” in Spain, which means that you’re not going to be hassled. You might want to bring something to cover up with in case you get too exposed though.

2. Paradise Beach, Mykonos (Greece)

Paradise Beach, MykonosWe’ve gone Greek and we aren’t sorry about it at all! If you want to check out some great topless sunbathing, Paradise Beach is where it’s at. You aren’t going to be treated to yet another stale, boring experience. You will be able to party, enjoy wine, live it up on the beach. This beach caters to a younger crowd, but you’ll see a few families here and there as well. The buses around the island run every 30 minutes, and water taxis run every hour. You’re not going to be trapped, that’s for sure.

3. Crete

CreteGoing to the island of Crete in Greece is an experience. You’ll find a very slow experience that focuses more on the beauty of nature than having a bunch of touristy things to do. All of that glorious topless sunbathing does wait for you, though. Something that’s definitely on our minds given the amazing architecture that’s found all over the island.

We wanted to give you our top three, but you’ll actually find other beaches that are more than accepting of topless and even fully nude sunbathing. You also want to make sure that you are booking your trips as ahead of time as possible. It’s very possible that hotel rooms will fill up quickly. This is even the case for some of the nicer restaurants in each destination. Advance booking is almost a requirement! Of course, if you are ever feeling uncomfortable, covering up is always an option. Have fun, stay safe, and good luck!