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From Beach to Adventure, Stay Safety Conscious on Holiday

Whether you’re heading to a nearby coastal city for a weekend beach getaway or you’re off to another continent in search of adventure and volunteerism, travelling can be a tricky venture. Make sure you can enjoy your vacation whilst staying secure with these holiday safety reminders. Keep your money on lockdown. This is one of […]

Mediterranean Beaches

Taking a Holiday in the Mediterranean

With all of this cold weather we are having, despite the fact that it is Easter and springtime, there are many people booking up holidays abroad. It can get to the point where you just want some warm weather as you have been looking forward to it for all of the winter. Often when the […]

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Tips for Packing for Family Holiday Trips

The holidays are a great time for traveling with loved ones. It offers bonding time and a chance to see family that you haven’t seen all year long due to distance. Building memories is done over holiday breaks before the kids go back to school, and this is something that parents and children look forward […]

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The quietest tropical beaches in the world

A beautiful tropical beach is quite a special thing to behold but thanks to the onward march of tourism, many tropical beaches are not now as peaceful as they once were. If you’re really looking for a piece of paradise then no doubt you’re in the market for somewhere without a high rise or neon […]

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Enjoy the Best of Italy on your Honeymoon

Thousands of couples jet off around the world on their honeymoon each year, and one of the places that has remained ever-popular is Italy. Not only is it a perfect place to spend some quality, newlywed time together, but it offers a wealth of tradition and history like no other country in the world. Each […]

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Gites Make a Comeback in the Travel World

If you’re looking for a way to make travel special no matter what time of year you decide to venture off into the wild, your accommodations will make the most difference. Indeed, where we stay on holiday makes a difference. If we can jet off anywhere, we want to feel like where we’re going feels […]

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Cyprus: Mediterranean Cuisine Not To Miss Out On!

The Island of Cyprus is gifted with extensive cuisines that are rich in ingredients, highly delicious and extremely nutritious. Most Cypriot dishes comprise of spiced up traditional Greek foods, as well as contemporary and classic ingredients, and whether you’re walking the streets or sitting down in a restaurant, the iconic smell of Cypriot cooking can […]